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One of the big advantages of International Black Sea University is that along with Academic life, we have a very active social life. IBSU has a special office of Clubs and Societies, the coordinator of which is Mr. Yashar Akyuz. The office includes more than 10 student clubs, all of which vary in different ways. Some of the clubs have educational purposes, such as Business Club, Future Leaders Club, Young Lawyers Club, Success Club, and so on. These clubs help students to improve their professional skills and gain necessary knowledge and skills for their future career. There are also clubs, the mission of which is entertainment, general erudition, and establishing good relationships among students and lecturers. In the list of such clubs the most active would be: Cof

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2200 Students

Most of them join in different clubs

13 Club

Which is divided into several categories of educational, entertainment, art and others

23 Projects

These projects are supported by the support of clubs and societies

Our Team

yashar akyuz
yashar akyuz

Extracurricular Activities Office Coordinator

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