On March 24 -2018, a screening of the film was held at the Black Sea International University. "The Hunt" is the name of the Dutch drama, which tells us about the psychology of the crowd and the power of words. One seemingly harmless lie of a child changed a person's life radically, separated him from friends and excluded him from society. A discussion was held after the film. The organizer of the screening, Zura Tsyramua, spoke about the content and other important details: "I wanted to show films of this genre in my university, because I was interested in the opinion of the public." He also focused on the genre of the film and noted that there are many interesting details in this drama. Even just a word that can completely change our lives. The audience also got involved in the discussion and they shared their impressions with each other. According to the viewer, this is a situation that can happen in real life. "The film made a great impression on me and it clearly showed that parents should pay more attention to their children, because their role in our development is very big," first-year student Natia Shavadze said.


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