Nowadays, Korean culture and language are becoming more and more in demand. The number of people who want to learn the language is almost equal to English. Universities are already actively competing with each other in this matter. There is also a very high demand for Master's degree students in Korea. Many applicants choose the university based on their relationship with Korea and the teaching of the Korean language. I am Eka Sulikashvili, a third-year student of IBSU international relations, English department. I am currently in Amsterdam on an exchange program. I have been interested in Korean culture and language for 10 years and I speak Korean. I have participated many times in Korean education, culture and language programs. As an Ibsu student, I want to be actively involved in spreading Korean culture and at the same time in Ibsu's PR. Ibsu's involvement in this process will bring only positive results. This event and the Korean club will attract a lot of entrants and make Ibsu much more competitive.