Future leaders club

The aim of the club is to organize meetings and conferences about leadership issues. The club also organizes public lectures, the topics of which are different topics. 

President : Gvantsa Gogsadze

Telephone : 591 09 51 33

Email : gvancagogsadze15@gmail.com

Vice President : Tamta Tinashvili

Telephone: 577308548

Email: tamta.tinashvili@gmail.com

To see club activities, visit the following link :


Public Lecture - "Iran role in western countries and Georgia-Iran relationship"

Future Leaders Club hosted the distinguished guest Mr. Nikoloz Naxucishvili. The guest delivered public lecture on "Iran role in western countries and Georgia-Iran relationship". Mr. Nikoloz spoke about the Iran media, which is too limitied and has so many problems.  Beside of this, studenets had a chance to ask interesting questions . 

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