Cinema Club

The club’s aim is to develop the students’ knowledge of cinematography. The club organizes movie screening every week. Besides, the club organizes meetings with famous actors and directors.

President : Nino Mamulashvili

Telephone : 598 75 04 70

Email :

Vice President : Nino Kezherashvili

Telephone: 558 15 08 15


To see club activities, visit the following link :

movie screening - "Split"

"split" is one of the best horror movie that has ever released in the film industry, because it is not consisting only of brutal scenes, there someone is killed with horrible ways that makes our self a bit dizzy, split is a film which can satisfy all film lovers taste, that's why it caused great attention for students, every single student enjoyed the films and expressed their ideas about it.

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movie screening "Moonlight"

at the 20-th of April there was movie screening in international black sea university, the name of the film was "moonlight", the film has won almost every single movie award and the most important is that film haw won the academy award for the best film, that's why Cinema club decided it was good idea to screen that movie in the university, students found it interesting, after movie there were ...

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Meeting with Tornike Bziava

On 22 May, IBSU Cinema club organized a meeting with Tornike Bziava. He is a director, actor and screenwriter. The guest talked about the all aspects of cinematography. He talked about the cinema influence on people. During the meeting, students had a chance to ask interesting questions and Tornike Bziava replied interesting answers too.

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Movie screening - "The Hunt"

IBSU Cinema Club organized a movie screening of Dutch drama - "The Hunt". It was about the psychology and the strength of word. The film is about the lie, which radically change the life. After the film, freshman student Zura Tsiramua held the discussion. Students talked about the plot of the film, about the type of film and about the important details. Students asked interesting questions aboutT ...

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